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Dasa Avatara

The ten incarnations or ‘Dasa Avatara’ of Lord Vishnu is an extraordinary recording of the evolution of human life and advance in human civilization. In Hindu religion, the three main deities are Lord Brahma, Vishu and Shiva. Brahma creates, Vishnu protects and Shiva destroys - three faces of Mother Nature. Lord Vishnu descends on Earth to uphold dharma and to cleanse the Earth of evil. So far, Lord Vishnu has appeared nine times on Earth and the tenth, kalki, is expected.

The sequence of appearance of Lord Vishnu on Earth is in tune with the evolutionary theory. In fact, the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu is an amazing recording of the advancement of human civilization. All this was recorded by Hindu sages thousands of years before Christ.

The first incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu was in the form of a fish and is known as ‘Matsya Avatar.’ It has now been confirmed by Science through various experiments that the first life forms evolved underwater.

The second incarnation of Lord Vishnu was in the form of a tortoise known as ‘Kurma Avatar.’ Tortoise is an amphibious creature capable of living both on land and in water and it indicates the moving of life form from underwater to surface of Earth.

The third incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the boar known as ‘Varaha Avatar’. Boar is a complete land animal and in this incarnation, life form has moved out of water and has adapted to land.

The fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the half-man half-animal form known as ‘Narasimha Avatar.’ This incarnation starts the transformation from animal to human form.

The fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the dwarf or pigmy sized human being known as the ‘Vamana avatar.’ A transition from the beastly form to human form and the development of intelligence.

The sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is the forest dweller known as ‘Parasuram.’ He has developed weapons and axe is his first weapon. Any sharp stone can be transformed into an axe and it also indicates the first settlement of humans in forests.

The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Ram. He civilized and has developed more superior weapons like the bow and arrows. He has cleared the forests and developed small communities or villages. He is very vigilant and protects his villages and people.

The eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Balarama. He is portrayed with the plough – the beginning of full-fledged cultivation. Human civilization has developed agriculture and is no longer depended on meat and forest for food. The beginning of agrarian economy.

The ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Krishna. He represents the advancing human civilization. He is associated with cows, the beginning of domestication of animals and development of economy, which continues to the present day.

The tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Kalki and is yet to arrive. He is believed to ride on a swift horse Devadatha and destroy the world. A clear indication that human beings will bring an end to life on earth. The numerous natural calamities created by human beings and the numerous nuclear weapons stored illustrates this.

After complete annihilation, Lord Vishnu alone floats on a pipal life - perhaps the last remaining life form. Thousands of years after the complete annihilation, life will begin again in water.


Video on Hindu Concept of the Beginning and End of Universe

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Indian Savant said...

An interesting article, but somehow, it gives me the feeling that the foot has been cut to fit the shoe.

Also, most of the proponents of hinduism today seem to be interested in proving to the world that hinduism is relevant today.

All blogs that I see seem to have the words "This has been foretold by sages years ago while the west is just finding it out."

Dont you think that this is defensive and against the basic tenet of hinduism of doing what we think is right?

As Krsna says in the Bhagavad Geetha, karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana.

Good post though. Extremely thought provoking.

I hope you dont mind if I link to in from my blog:


May 23, 2008 6:06 PM

Sundaran said...

An interesting article.However which Hindu organization has declared the items depicted as authentic?

June 14, 2008 1:13 PM

Parrot CK3100 said...

Excellent article
As you told that vishnu god will take its 10th incarnation in kaliyug but do you have any idea when will he take this Avatar. As I always wants to see him so I am very eager to look him in this Avatar.

Please reply me if you have any idea of it. Approximate idea will also satisfy my thirst.
Thanks God bless you.
Jai Shri Krishna

July 9, 2008 2:47 PM

Anonymous said...

read kalki purana you will find answer for your question

August 6, 2008 12:44 PM

Anonymous said...

interesting one.i was searching of something this sort.i have a question dat i dnt knw anything bout varah avatar.can u help me out.

September 17, 2008 8:40 PM

Anonymous said...

Every religion boils down to same concepts. Even in christianity... we expect return of Christ towards the end of the world and many a places its depicted almost in the same way - Riding on a horseback.
Remember the great words of Sunitha Williams "The earth is so beautiful from the space, beause there are no boundaries..."

Hope everyone understand when we try to explain the meaning of life, we all are like blind men describing a elephant.

Wishing Peace and Happiness to all...

September 18, 2008 11:43 AM

Anonymous said...

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